Monday, June 22, 2009


Lately Lily has picked up on my habit of saying "Just a minute!" or "It'll take a minute, ok?" with one finger held in the air. It is so cute when she imitates me!  The other day when Ben asker her if she wanted toast, she replies, "Shesh (yes), minute!" with her finger up in the air just like I do when I tell her she has to wait a minute for the toast to cook. Ben hadn't seen her do it before and couldn't get over it. And just now, we're playing a game where she gets all her blankets out one by one and puts them over my lap. Well after each blanket she'd look at me and say "Blanket, more? Back minute!" :) She keeps us very entertained!!


Washington Cowgirl said...

Hi, found your blog on Confes. of a married couple.
Your little family is so cute. Congrats on the upcoming baby.

Vanessa said...

She keeps me entertained too, via blog. What a cute girl she is.