Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Long Walk

Last Saturday was a beautiful day, and after lunch Ben, Lily, and I decided to go to the park. We hadn't really thought very hard about what we would do there, we figured just let Lily play outside and on the toys for awhile. But we started walking on the Sammamish River Trail, and after about 20 minutes realized it connected to another park we liked in Woodinville. We had Lily in the stroller and were enjoying just walking, so we decided to go for as long as we could. Well, we made it to the other park and back, and the whole trip was 6 miles. 6 miles. And I was in flip flops. And 37 weeks pregnant. :) It was a lot of fun, actually, and I was really proud of myself that I was able to walk that much in basically one sitting (with a break for playing at the Woodinville park). I wasn't speed walking or anything, but I made it, and I wasn't even that sore afterwards (though I did do something to my foot that's still making me walk with a slight limp, but I think that was aggravated by the 1.5 mile walk I took the very next day - I probably would have been ok if I'd just stayed mostly off it instead of another walk the next day). Anyway, it was a great day - beautiful, leisurely, and I was really proud of myself afterwards. :)

6 Mile Walk 029
This goose was really hoping that Lily had some food for it. It left disappointed.

6 Mile Walk 032
After Lily saw me put a flower behind my ear, she decided that her flowers were hats. It was pretty cute.

6 Mile Walk 037

6 Mile Walk 039
Showing off her collection of rocks.

6 Mile Walk 041
You're still watching, right Mommy?

I didn't think to get a picture of Ben and I, though I should have. I blame it on pregnancy brain.

Some more pictures from the last week or so:

6 Mile Walk 022
Look, her hair is in a pony-tail! I love it like this, and only just realized it's long enough to do it like this. On Sunday we went to church with my parents, and she actually kept it in (with much prompting) for 4 hours. It was so cute.

6 Mile Walk 024
What she does every time we ask her where her dimples are.

6 Mile Walk 014 
Over a month ago I made a bird feeder out of a pine cone and peanut butter with bird seed on it, and then was disappointed for weeks when not a single bird seemed to care that I was trying to feed them. And then a few days ago, I heard a bird land on it and start pecking at it, and it made me so happy! This was the only picture I could get, but if you look closely you can differentiate the bird from the pine cone. It's come a couple times now, and it makes me proud.

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