Sunday, January 25, 2009

I did it!

I cut my hair! I was really afraid I was going to wimp out and only get a couple of inches off, but I was brave, and I got 10+ inches off (which I'm going to donate to Locks of Love). And I also went back to being a blonde, which makes me very happy. I've been wanting to be blonde for awhile now. I went to this really awesome place in Snohomish that was recommended to me by my friend from church, Jen Poston. It's called Salon Solos, and Rick was the guy that did my hair. He owns the place, and his son Dave works for him (in case anyone is interested). Anyway, now for the pictures!

'08 Christmas 165
Decent before picture. This was during Christmas. It was getting really long.


And now...
Ta-da!! Short and blonde, and happy!

I also like the following picture. Ben told me he needed some sass-
This also shows off my growing baby belly. I really feel like I'm showing so much more and quicker with this pregnancy than when I was pregnant with Lily. I guess it's just cuz it's my second, and I'm already all stretched out. I'm 17 weeks here.

In Lily news (cuz how can I blog without mentioning Lily?), she's been talking/signing so much more lately, and it's really awesome that we can understand each other so much. She's even done a couple three word sentences with her signing, such as "Eat more please." And she'll sign "more" after we tickle her! It's so cute!  And my favorite... she's been saying Mama all the time. I love it! Yesterday when I was gone getting my hair done, she kept pointing to the door and saying and signing "mama" and "bye-bye". Made my heart melt when I heard that. She's pretty much the sweetest little girl ever.

And there's more to tell, but dinner just got out of the oven, so I'm gonna go eat. Sheppard's pie, mmmm. Happy Sunday everybody!


Vogels said...

Gosh my belly will never come, I'm still so small. I'm kinda complaining...not that I want to be huge for the next 4 months. (I'm not saying your huge :)

Natalie Lundberg said...

cute's fun to make changes like that. I love the Pioneer women blog too. I haven't really looked around the cooking part of it....I love the photography tips and her free Photoshop actions