Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Lily Dear

Happy days will come to you all year! So Lily turned one year old!! Actually, more than a week ago now, but it's taken me awhile to decide  to just sit down and blog about it. So I am now.

Lily Turns One 020
This is Lily on her actual birthday, Jan. 7. We didn't do anything really special on that day though, because we knew that we were celebrating on Saturday with some friends and again on Sunday with my family. We figured a one year old doesn't need three parties. Though I'm sure she wouldn't have minded.

Lily got a birthday present from the tooth fairy, you could say, on her birthday night - her 11th tooth popped through! Which was good, she had been kind of grumpy for a few days. She actually has 12 teeth now! How crazy is that?

Lily Turns One 005
Again on her birthday. Ben's not a fan of the blinking pictures, but I think they're just so cute!! We'll say "Where's your blink, Lily?" and she starts blinking in a really exaggerated fashion with a huge smile on her face. It's very entertaining. Especially to all the people that sit behind us at church. :)

Lily Turns One 027
This was the day after her birthday. She was very proud of herself that she got inside her basket. She's a fan of getting inside things lately. Whether it's our dirty laundry basket, or the shelves in her changing table (where she almost always gets stuck right  away), she likes finding places that she can squeeze her self into. Again, highly entertaining.

Lily Turns One 029

Lily Turns One 042
She got this bubble toy for Christmas, and she's finally starting to really like the bubbles. She doesn't really try to grab them or anything, but she enjoys watching them float around. It's fun to watch her.

Lily Turns One 053
This is what Lily's cake looked like before she got it. I was very proud of myself.

Lily Turns One 054
Lily started out slow...

Lily Turns One 055
Then started getting more excited about it...

Lily Turns One 057
Cousin Rachel wanted her to share!

Lily Turns One 060
Lily was really getting into it after just a few minutes. It was lots of fun to watch her eat and very hilarious! After awhile, she was just having fun digging her fingers into it and feeling around.

Lily Turns One 064
Look how happy! The bottom layer was white, but the top layer was chocolate because we knew she would mostly get into the top and we wanted it to be as messy as possible!

Lily Turns One 066
Extremely contented.

Lily Turns One 069

Lily Turns One 072 

Lily Turns One 077 
She decided she wanted to play peek-a-boo.

She was so covered in cake. We had to give her a bath to get it all off. She had it on her tummy and legs, and on her back and in her hair... pretty much anywhere not covered by a diaper. I was glad we had opted to take all her clothes off and not just think the bib would catch everything. Cuz that wouldn't have worked! :)

Lily Turns One 082
Then it was present time! Pretty much after I showed her how to open the first one, she started remembering from Christmas and had fun helping unwrap her gifts. She definitely understood that underneath the paper was something that she wanted.

Lily Turns One 090
She was pretty excited to get her books. She got a couple Dr. Seuss books, and even though it'll be a little while before I leave her alone with them (they're not board books), I'm glad she's excited about them.

I don't have pictures of all the presents she got (which is probably a good thing, I don't think everybody wants pictures of all her presents in the blog). But she got a fabric book for church, a bucket of shapes, a cute sleeper, some other clothes, and the book I Can Do It.

But I'm pretty sure her favorite present was this:Lily Turns One 091
Not that she looks overjoyed in this picture, but she really was very happy about this riding toy. She wouldn't get off it for a long time afterwards, and it was definitely a hit with the other kids there. She's really enjoyed it this last week too, even though the music has already started having problems.

So that was Saturday's party, with friends from the ward, previous wards, and Ben's brother's family there to celebrate. Thanks everybody for coming, and Lily says Thanks again for the presents!

Sunday's party was a little more laid back, just my parents and brother and sister there. Lily fully enjoyed her cupcake (not another whole cake this time) and getting another chance to open presents. This time she got some more books, clothes, a puzzle and legos! The Legos have been very enjoyed this past week as well.

Lily Turns One 093 

Lily Turns One 100

Lily Turns One 105

Lily Turns One 107 
Hehe... my sister Anna and I might have had a little bit of fun playing with Josh's hair. He was a good sport about it.  He has very fluffy curly hair that's very fun to touch and play with. :)

Lily Turns One 116 

Lily Turns One 119

Lily Turns One 124

Lily Turns One 129
And that's one happy little One Year Old!

For those who like this stuff, at her 1-year appointment Lily weighed 21lbs, and was 30 inches long. Which puts her in the 50% for her weight, and about 85% for her height. She also got 4 shots this time, which was not so much fun, but she did pretty good. She has a great Doctor, Dr. Chaput at the Lakeshore Clinic. She's awesome.

Lily Turns One 039
Here she is! Lily wasn't super happy cuz this was right after her shots. But Dr. Chaput is really great with her.

Happy Birthday Lily! Thanks for such a wonderful, unforgettable year!

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Vogels said...

Lily is sooooo cute!! I was laughing at her crawling/climbing into everything that's funny. She looks like so much fun