Friday, September 12, 2008

I promise she's not a gimp...

That's just how she crawls! Though she has gotten better at it in the last few days and she looks less gimpy now. This video was taken on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, Lily and I met her Aunt Andy and cousin Rachel at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens on Monday for a play date. Rachel is two months older than Lily, and since Andy, Dan, and Rachel live only 45 minutes away, we get to see them a lot. Most of Ben's family lives in Utah/Oregon/Colorado. It was fun for us all to get together, and the gardens were really pretty. After walking among the trees and flowers, we sat the girls on the grass and let them crawl and explore and eat cheerios. Good times!

I couldn't get as many good flower pictures as I wanted to because I'm still learning about my new camera and I couldn't always get it to focus the way I wanted it to. Oh well. I got a lot of fun pictures of the two girls playing on the grass later, and they're more important than flowers anyway!

There were a lot of bumblebees everywhere, understandably.

Lily was happy to be out of her stroller and to see Rachel.

Rachel and Lily going for the cheerios

Eating Cheerios and grass - but I guess you can't see the grass that well in this picture. Oh well. There's a little piece sticking out of her mouth.

Lily has a seriously annoyed expression on her face :)

And now Rachel does too.

This is my favorite picture. Happy cousins!

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