Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crawling Now!

So, yes, it's a little backwards, but Lily has recently started crawling! I know a lot of people have been worried about her walking before she crawls, because apparently there's all sorts of studies saying they really need to learn to crawl to help them develop right, and we definately tried to help her learn, but until now she just was not interested in crawling at all. Ben and I kind of thought that she would start crawling after she started walking and realized that she needed to crawl to get to someplace where she could pull herself back up, and that's basically how it happened. She started to understand that crawling got her to where she wanted to go just as well as walking does, so she's doing both now. She still doesn't do either on a regular basis, but it's really fun to watch her learn. She's doing so well, and it's so cute to see how proud of herself she is.

Going for the cheerios. She'd do almost anything for cheerios, so it's a good way to encourage her to crawl. :)

In other news, Lily is 8 months old as of yesterday! I was curious as to how big she's gotten, because she's really sprouted in the last few months, so accuracy is probably not as good as it would be at a doctors office, but Lily weighs between 17.0 and 17.4 pounds (our scale is finicky and rarely gives the same answer twice) and her height is now at 27.5 inches. I have no idea where that is on the percentage thing, but she seems a lot bigger than she used to be, so I figure she's doing pretty good. She has four teeth now, and her favorite foods are cheerios, bananas, and rice cereal with bananas. Carrots are usually receieved with much enthusiasm as well. She still loves being outside and I'm hoping the non-rainy weather sticks around for a while longer yet. Other favorites right now include my phone and keys, trying to get at the power button on the computer, and any and all computer cords. Combined with her newfound abilities of walking and crawling, the babyproofing is about to beging in earnest. Fun fun.
Our big girl!

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Laura said...

SO DANG CUTE!!! I seriously can't get over how adorable your daughter is. You sure make 'em cute! Make some more! :)

Anyway, my blog is private so you should tell me your gmail so I can send you an invite to read it!

Love you!