Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Buttercup and Peanut

So, not that anyone reads this anymore (and who can blame them, as there’s been nothing to read for years now!), but thought I’d post something just cuz.

My mom was here when Buttercup was overdue with her baby, and she looked out the window one morning and asked, “What is that? Emily, I think there’s a baby cow out there!!” We had been anxiously awaiting the birth and then missed the whole thing! But I did get to watch baby Peanut stand up for the first time, and that was pretty magical.

Peanut kept trying to nurse and Buttercup was just not having it at first. She would move away every time Peanut got close. We were getting a little worried, honestly, and Buttercup’s poor udders were getting massive. Definitely took a few hours before instinct kicked in but within a day they were nursing like pros.

Sweet girl. Buttercup was a good protective momma right off the bat!

Peanut was born on July 17th, can’t believe she’s over 6 months already. I thought for sure we’d have sold her months ago, but we’re only just starting to get her ready to sell. It’s been fun having her around, but we just don’t have the room for 2 cows. I also need to get Buttercup AI’ed soon, I’m many months behind on that as well. Having cows has been a crazy, fun, hard, fulfilling experience so far. Sometimes I think I was crazy for thinking I could manage it, but here it is, almost a year after we first got Buttercup, and we’re all still alive! We are, of course, the town oddity – little kids love coming over just to see the cow, and people always ask with incredulousness how it’s going. And we have had a few mishaps – I’ve been dragged around the yard a couple of times, there was a grumpy pregnant period (she was pregnant, not me!) where I wondered if she was really the cow for us, and she’s even gotten out of the yard a few times involving crazy chases around the neighbors’ huge yards. I’ve learned a lot, and still feel like I’ve got a ton to learn. But overall, I don’t mind being the crazy cow lady!

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Vanessa said...

Your blog is still on our feed (tells you how often I update those. Some say they were last posted on over 3 years ago). Anyway, congrats on being the crazy cow lady! Looks like you are living a great life :)