Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer So Far

Yay for summer!! School is out and I feel like we’ve already packed a lot of fun into our summer break, and we’ve only just started! We started off with a bang with Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon visiting. Unfortunately almost everyone got sick! We made the best of it and still really enjoyed seeing lots of family that we don’t get to see often.

Zoo fun:

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Peter's Blessing (164)

Peter's Blessing (168)

We had Katie’s family, Dave’s family, Daniel’s crew, and of course Mom and Dad over on Sunday for Peter’s baby blessing. It was pretty nice to have so many people there. It was a bummer Matt and Kayla were sick and missed the blessing.

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The gang!

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Our fam.

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We tried to get a picture of all the cousins there in cute tie-dye shirts Grandma Debbie brought for everyone. This is honestly the best picture I got. Maybe somebody else got a better one, but this is the most smiling kids in one picture that I managed to capture. Most of them looked more like this:

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Yup, not a single one smiling. LOL! We tried so hard!

Despite what it looks like in the picture above, the kids all really enjoyed seeing each other and playing together all week/weekend. It was too bad that so many kids kept taking turns getting sick, but that’s life, right? It was really nice that we were able to get together.

Other notable events: Lily finishing kindergarten and Michael finishing preschool.

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Soo cute and proud of himself. He had a blast with preschool. Made some good friends. I feel like I kind of missed out on a lot of it being pregnant and then having a newborn, but I know he was always excited to go and always had a great time.

Peter's Blessing (274)End of Summer 189

On the left, Lily on the last day of school, and on the right, on the first day of school. She loved her teacher and had a great year. She was incredibly social. Whenever I’d ask her about school, the only thing she’d ever talk about was what she did with her friends. When I asked her what kind of things she learned or worked on that day, it was almost always, “I don’t remember.” Her best friend from school is Indie. She absolutely loves him and often during the year commented to me “I wish Indie was my brother!” I’m glad she found such a good friend, he’s a sweet boy.

Peter is pretty good at smiling now. He’s got an adorable dimple on one side of his face and often sticks our his tongue when he smiles. He’s almost giggling when somebody tickles him. He loves to be swaddled to sleep, and is kind of falling into a routine lately. Adam gave him a candied cashew once, and he looked at Adam like it was the best thing of his entire life. (It probably was! lol) Of course I fished it out of his mouth right away, but now he loves it when people give him little tastes of whatever we’re eating. I think introducing solids to him in a few months will go really smoothly. Smile

Peter's Blessing (18) Collage

Hmm, not a great collage, but I don’t feel like making a decent one right now, takes too long. Anyway, here’s my Peter boy at just about 2 months old. He’s pretty awesome. He has an adorable sad face, and an even better happy face. We’re pretty obsessed with him.

Well that definitely isn’t all of our summer, but I think California and Disneyland need their own post. But I’ll leave you with a picture of my sweet Adam boy, since he deserves a bit of the spotlight, too. Smile

Peter's Blessing (101)

Melt my heart with those deep brown eyes.

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