Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas fun and other matters

Hello to the three two of you who haven’t given up on my blog! Yay! (I’m counting on my Mom and Ben’s mom to still be holding out hope for a new post!) A few pictures from our holidays, in really no particular order whatsoever (be warned, this is mega long and picture heavy!):

Christmas! 021

Babies loving on other babies. Way too cute.

Christmas! 179

All of us Lemmons (and Grissens!) in Portland for Christmas. So much fun. (And if you’re reading this and I haven’t gotten your pictures to you yet, don’t worry, by the end of the month for sure! At least, I’ll send them out by then.)

Christmas! 108

Love this boy!

Christmas! 130

Thank-you Monica for taking our family pics!

Christmas! 196

I really LOVE this picture of Ben’s parents, don’t you?

Christmas! 316

During the cousins nativity. It was adorable. Smile

Christmas! 329

Christmas! 343

My little wise man, angel, and shepherd. I love them.

Christmas! 397

The Christmas haul of ~25 people. Crazy! It took 3 1/2 hours to open everything!

Christmas! 422

Green and red pancakes Christmas morning, a beloved Lemmon family tradition. Other Lemmon Christmas traditions include pizza on Christmas Eve, and the famous Lemmon rolls and jello with Christmas dinner. I kind of love that our traditions all have to do with food. It definitely works for me!

Christmas! 519

It was love at first sight.

Christmas! 479

I love being an Aunt. I have the cutest nieces and nephews. Kenzie is such a little sweetheart.

Em's birthday 037

“We found the perfect tree Mom!”

Em's birthday 059

Em's birthday 060

Nothing better than enjoying a candy cane after a long morning of tree picking!

Em's birthday 066


Em's birthday 138

Trying really hard to get those last two candles! Haha!

Em's birthday 143

The night we had a sleepover in front of the Christmas tree.

Adam's 1st Birthday 029

My mom does not look old enough to be a Grandma. Just saying.

Christmas! 534

Lily practicing her picture taking skills. Hi Grandma!

Adam's 1st Birthday 055

Happy birthday Adam!

Adam's 1st Birthday 068

The frosting was his favorite part.

Adam's 1st Birthday 101

Bath time!

Adam's 1st Birthday 129

Ok, I know this isn’t exactly anything to do with holidays, but he’s too cute not to share.

Adam's 1st Birthday 225

Random fall leaves photo shoot.

Adam's 1st Birthday 350

Adam was pretty over it by this point, if you can’t tell.

Lily's 5th & Baby Jane 242

Lily was so excited to get this Belle dress for her birthday!

Lily's 5th & Baby Jane 254

Lily’s requested birthday “cake” – lemon meringue pie. I approve.

Lily's 5th & Baby Jane 332

A little peak for my friend Darci. She has the cutest little girl that I got to photograph a few weeks ago. Jane is so precious, I just love her!

Lily's 5th & Baby Jane 653


Lily's 5th & Baby Jane 689


Lily's 5th & Baby Jane 731


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Jackie Pickett said...

I am so glad you have not given up on posting about your life…family…and the little things you do! It is truly a treat to see. I had recently deleted blogs from people who have not kept up to theirs for quite a while ….but I kept yours…hoping that you would add to it. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures!