Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recent Adventures

Since it’s been a couple of years from the last time I posted (ok, feels like it, anyway), I thought a few of you out there might be interested in what we’ve been up to lately. I’m going to attempt to add an update on our life every week or so. I’m hoping saying it here will motivate me to follow through. I miss blogging. And picture taking. As I’m sure you noticed, I fell off the bandwagon on the picture a day thing. But I (mostly) managed it for over three months, and I am really proud of myself for that. It’s something I still enjoy looking back on and seeing those snippets of my days. I hope I start doing it again, not necessarily for anyone else, mostly just for me. But right now I don’t need another daily responsibility so it’s low on my priority list.

A n y w a y… about a month and a half ago, Ben decided to go fly an airplane. For his birthday last year I bought him a starter package to learn how to pilot a plane, and he just got around to using it. He had a really great time. Too bad it’s so expensive to take regular lessons. Anyone want to give us a few thousand dollars so Ben can keep taking lessons? He’ll give you a free flight! Smile

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 128

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 137

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 134

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 142

It was a really gorgeous day to go flying, and the kids and I enjoyed staying in the little grassy area there. Once Ben got in the plane and took off though, we quickly lost track of him. Then the kids found this little guy, and were completely entertained for the rest of the time.

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 156

Either he was fresh from the cocoon, or not used to all the wind (it was really windy there), but whatever it was, this beautiful little butterfly stayed low to the ground, basically just in the grass, and barely tried to get away from us. We were able to catch him multiple times and just hold him for awhile to look at him. The kids loved it. They were very careful, which I thought was pretty impressive for a three year old and (at the time) almost two year old.

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 168

They were hoping the flowers would tempt him.

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 169

It worked!

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 162

Baby Calvin & Edmond Kids 144

Happy kiddos! And happy Ben too! He really enjoyed the lesson. He got to be in control most of the time, including the take-off, all the in-air turns, and the second landing also. He told me he especially loved all the beautiful views. Mt. Rainer was totally visible and picturesque and he enjoyed flying over the Sound as well. It was a really neat experience, one that I could see him pursuing in the future.

There you go, one recent adventure down, many more to come!

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