Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ben

26 years ago, this handsome little guy was born:


Then Ben had a birthday:


And another one:


And a third:

1987_08Aug--Pic211 - Copy

And a few more:




He became a teenager:

And went on a mission the day after he turned 19:

2003_08Aug--Ben at MTC

Ben went to collage:
lovesac 008
And met the love of his life:

lovesac 009

(Only he dated my roommate first – I still love you Tessa!!):

jade's b-day party 018

But soon he only had eyes for me:

the ball 0381

Then this happened:

And before he knew it, he was a dad:

Christmas - Lily Born 080
(He was really good at being a Dad, too):

Sequim 106
After a (very short) time, his mini-me arrived:

Michael's Birth 094
And he had to learn to juggle two at a time:

Matt's Home! 221
He’s pretty good at it too:

Matt's Home! 266
In fact, he’s pretty good at everything he tries:

Colorado Christmas 613

San Deigo 436
So, three days ago, Ben had his 26th birthday, and now my handsome guy looks like this:

San Deigo 120
And we couldn’t be happier together! Happy Birthday Ben! Thanks for being the one who can always make me smile. I love you!!

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Katie said...

Happy birthday Ben!

I love that silly picture of you and the one of mini Lily on his shoulders is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!