Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some recent Pictures

For some reason I just haven’t felt like blogging lately. Not sure why. So since I’m not feeling particularly talkative right now, I’ll just let some recent pictures (mostly) speak for themselves.

Driving   Lily 006The wind blowing the snow over the roads on our way to CO. 

Lily 2nd Birthday 002
Lily 2nd Birthday 040Isn’t he handsome?

Lily 2nd Birthday 042

Lily 2nd Birthday 073

Lily 2nd Birthday 085

Lily 2nd Birthday 104  
Birthday Party 045
Birthday Party 090
Birthday Party 137

Birthday Party 143I know it’s really blue – I still like it.

Avocado & Bath 018

Avocado & Bath 028

Avocado & Bath 049He’s starting to hold himself steady for a few seconds at a time now!

  Avocado & Bath 038


Katie said...

I really like the one of you and Lily and the baloon. Great pic.

Vanessa said...

i like the one of Lily reaching for the cherry.