Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Morning Mama!

So I was woken up just about the cutest possible way yesterday morning. Ben had gotten up at 7 with Lily, and let me sleep in. I could hear her every once in awhile, and finally woke up for real about 8:00 because I could hear her and Ben. Then shortly after that I hear a knock on my door, and then another one. I said "Come in," and then Ben opened the door and Lily walked in. I was still lying down, but I sat up so Lily could see me, and Ben says, "Where's Mama?" and she looks up at me with the hugest smile and starts toddling as fast as she can over to me and comes to the side of the bed, still with a huge grin, and reaches up so I can pick her up. :) It was so sweet. But what makes it even cuter is that Ben told me before I heard the knock, Ben had asked Lily, "Where's Mama?" and Lily looked around and got a really sad look on her face when she didn't see me. He asked her again, so she looked around again, and looked even sadder when I wasn't there. AND THEN, she walks over to my bedroom door and she starts knocking on the door! So it was Lily that was knocking on the door, and not only that, but she was able to figure out that I must be in the bedroom, even though she hadn't seen me all morning. We haven't even tried to teach her how to knock, I think she just figured if she banged on the door something would happen. But it seriously made me really happy. I love being a mom!

So the week before last was spent mainly at my parents home. They were able to go to Hawaii (Lucky Ducks!) and Ben and I were helping with Josh and Anna, my 15 year old brother and 10 year old sister. Mainly they just needed help getting to school and their other activities. But it was a lot of fun hanging out with them for a week. Lily really enjoyed it too - she loved having some other people around other than just Mom and Dad to play with, and they were always really sweet and playful with her. Josh worked all week to get her to learn to say his name, and by the end of the week, she said "Dosh" once. He was thrilled. :) Lily also had a really great time playing with Mary, my brothers dog. She loves dogs, and Mary is pretty gentle with her, so it works out great.


Anna, Josh, Lily 002
Josh and Lily just chilling on the couch.

Anna, Josh, Lily 031
Lily and Mary playing together. Mary loves her and always wants to lick her face, which Lily just thinks is hilarious (I know, dog spit, I'm a bad mom). But they're really cute together. Mary will drop the ball in front of Lily and expect her to throw it. Lily just laughs. :)

Anna, Josh, Lily 041
I just love her chubby little legs in her boots!

Anna, Josh, Lily 066
Swinging with Daddy. She's a fan of swinging.

Anna, Josh, Lily 057
Jumping on the trampoline with Auntie Anna. Anna's a great aunt, always willing and wanting to help. She even changes diapers!

Anna, Josh, Lily 076 
Lily has recently discovered that it is lots of FUN to pull things out of holes one at a time - mainly diaper wipes and tissues. Anna and I were talking in the kitchen, and looked over to see that Lily had emptied half the bag of wipes. The funniest thing about it is that she'll grab a wipe in each hand and run around waving them in circles. It's quite entertaining. We figure it's cheap entertainment for her too, at about 2 cents a wipe. :)

Anna, Josh, Lily 086
She got all the tissues out before we noticed what she was doing. Still, can't complain too much, she's pretty adorable, even when she's being obnoxious.

So the next time you hear from us, we'll have gotten back from Colorado. I'm really excited to go, it's been quite a few months since we've seen Ben's parents and even longer since we've seen some of his brothers and the sister that will be there. It'll be nice. So, Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy your turkey! (And mashed potatoes, and rolls, and stuffing, and green bean casseroles, and pie, and... man, I'm making myself hungry!)


I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

I love love, lily's boots so cute.

Laura said...

Em, I can't believe how beautiful your daughter is. You're so blessed to have such a great family! :) I love reading your blog. My sister-in-law reads it too and she thinks Lily is the most beautiful baby girl! I'm glad to see you're doing so well. Love you much!


Vogels said...

EMILY!!! Love your blog!! I love your cute little family, your daughter is soooooo cute. I can't wait for my own one day! I hope you don't mind if I keep up with your blog, you can check mine out! Love you miss you!!
Stephanie Vogel