Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Lily has officially taken her first steps!! Her very first time was last night when we picked her up from the Adams' and we had her going back and forth between us and she definately took 2 steps on her own that weren't just the "about to fall on my face" kind of steps. Last week we were doing the same thing and she took a couple steps then too, but they were less on purpose then and much more purposeful now. And Ben and I have been playing walking games with her again tonight and she is so excited and at one point took 4 whole steps before she stumbled into my arms. IT'S SO CUTE!!! She's so excited about it, and it's helping her become more confident. She's been kind of scared to try things on her own and really liked holding on to our fingers (can't really blame her, of course) but now she realizes that she has more control and ability to direct herself than she previously thought. It's lots of fun. I can't believe how much older she has gotten in just the last few weeks. She has her third tooth now, by the way. I'll post pictures later.


Andy Lemmon said...

That's awesome! Rachel doesn't seem to like walking without holding on to something. Ah well. She's got plenty of time to learn. :) Babies really do seem to be older when they're up on their own two feet.

Ashlyn said...

Hoorah for Lily! She's so adorable!

Vanessa said...

go Lily!