Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lots of Firsts

So in the last couple of months, Lily has really been accomplishing a lot of new things! So I thought I'd post about all of her firsts from the beginning. All the ones I've written down and remember, anyway.

Feb. 11th - Her first real smile

Middle of March - her first shower (she loved it, much more than taking baths)

May 3rd - her first giggle

May 12th - First time eating rice cereal in a bottle

May 26th - First day at the beach -we went to Whidbey Island with her Lemmon grandparents

May 30th - Sat up without help

May 31st - Fell asleep in her crib by herself (she usually needs to be held to fall asleep)

June 1st - First bath that she enjoyed

June 1st - Ate rice cereal from a bowl for the first time

June 11th - first airplane ride (also first time being going to CA)

June 12th - first time in a swimming pool

June 16th - Rolled over all by herself

June 24th -She got her first professional photographs taken - she did really well too

June 24th - First time being baby-sat by a non-relative, and she did great! Thank-you Stephanie!

June 25th - Slept for a whole 7 hours at night (it's almost the whole night long!)

So, there you have it. It seems like she's growing in leaps and bounds over the last two months, and it's been a lot of fun watching her and helping her learn all sorts of new things. She's so alert and interested in everything in front of her, constantly reaching for everything too! She's our cute baby!!

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Andy Lemmon said...

Lily looks like she's doing great. That's awesome that she's sleeping for 7 hours. I counted Rachel sleeping through the night when she would sleep for 6 hours straight. :)