Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lily Was Blessed

So today was the first sunday of the month, and so we were able to give Lily her blessing. It went really well. My parents came, and so did my grandparents, as well as Ben's brother Dan and his wife Andy and their little girl Rachel. Lily did really good and basically slept through the whole thing. It was really neat because the dress she wore was orginally made for my mom's blessing in '66. I was also blessed in it, as well as my sister and 5 of my cousins. All of our names are stitched on the inside of the slip that goes with the dress, so now I get to stitch Lily's in there too.

After the blessing everyone came over to our house for lunch, and stayed and played games too. It was the first time my grandparents have seen our condo, so it was nice that they were able to come up. Lily and Rachel seemed to get along well too. It was pretty cute - they're only about 8 weeks apart, and since we're living so close, it'll be nice for them to grow up together.

As far as other news goes, life has been pretty great. Ben has been home for the last 4 weeks, and he get one more week off before he has to go back to work. It's been really nice to have him here. I'm a little nervous for when he has to go back and I'm all alone, but that's life. Nights haven't been too horrible, though she still isn't sleeping regularly at all. Sometimes she sleeps well, only getting up to feed, and other times she's wide awake after feedings for an hour or more. Most of the time she sleeps in her Boppy in her crib, and she does pretty well there. She's slept with us in our bed a few times, but that doesn't happen very often. None of us sleep as well when she does because Ben and I are both very aware of the fact that she's right there and so little, and she gets disturbed by us moving around. But it's still kind of nice when she does. She's just so adorable, and it's nice to open your eyes and have her right next to you. She also sleeps very well in the car. She hates getting into her carseat, but once she's in the car while it's going, she gets lulled to sleep pretty fast.

We went out to dinner with her for the first time when she was almost 3 weeks old, and it went really well. It was actually pretty funny, because there's this place on the way to Woodinville if you go the back way called McCorry's on the Slough. Underneath the name it says "family dining." So we thought we'd try it, thinking it would be nice to go someplace new and what seemed like more "down-home cooking". Well, it was a bar. Essentially, anyway. They had a long bar as the main focus of the room, only about 5 tables, and lots of pool tables. But we'd already gotten Lily out of the car and calmed down and we were both hungry, so we just stayed. We really stuck out as the odd ones there! It might not have been that bad if the food had been at least good, but it was decent at best. So, we won't be going there again!

Ok, Lily is just so cute, so I'm going to put a whole bunch of random pictures here now.

P.S. We're refinancing our home tomorrow. 6% baby, yeah! And that's all, folks!


Andy Lemmon said...

Aww. So cute. Thanks for inviting us, and thanks for the pictures!

Vanessa said...

precious! We really do want to come see ya'll sometime